Government Building

Australian Centre on China in the World

24mm Shaped DGU • Black Glass • Three types of Low-E • Low-E on Ceramic Frit Pattern

Dubai Metro Station Entrance

Location:Dubai Glass Products:8mm grey body tinted H/S+16mm Air Spacer with Argon+6mm SSG PLT1.16 H/S, Low-e on #3+1.14mm clear PVB+6mm clear H/S

Queen Charlotte Hospital, Haida Gwaii

The Queen Charlotte/Haida Gwaii Hospital Replacement project was officially announced by the Province of B.C. on April 12, 2012

Royal Randwick Racecourse – Spectator Precinct

The high-profile $115 million redevelopment of the Royal Randwick Racecourse spectator precinct will see Brookfield Multiplex

Bendigo Hospital

The State Government has announced a grant of $50,000 to carry out the review. The review is needed because, according to the State Government, 40 per cent of the forecast growth between 2006 and 2031 had already been realised.