Architectural Glass

King Glass and Hardware provides glass solution to all sorts of construction projects.  With over 15 years of glass export experience, King Glass has access to wide range of architectural glass products.See “Link”

Stainless Steel Products

King Glass and Hardware  fabricates customized stainless steel  products to client’s need. These  S/S products include balustrade posts, brackets, point-fixing fittings, spigot and etc.Find out more in “Link”

Shower Glass

With the latest technology and most suitable processing equipment, King Glass offers specialized shower glass in high quality.  King Glass also helps architect to achieve their new design by field testing and researching  on new products.Find out more in “link”

Aluminum Panels

King Glass supplies Aluminum Solid Sheet and Aluminum Composite Panel  suitable for both indoor and  outdoor condition. All Aluminum panel  achieve Class A fireproof standard and granted with 10 years warranty.Find out more in “Link”

Shower Hardware

All range of shower hardware in different material can be found here.  Customized hardware are also welcomed to discuss with us.Explore more in our  Shower Hardware Catalogue.

Other Building Supplies

At King Glass and Hardware, you can find products for construction sites. These include but not limited to stainless steel meshes, calcium silicate board,  steel structure frames, curtain wall stacks and others.Find out more in “Link”

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12 6月 16
How Glass is Made

How Glass is Made – From the Batch House to the Lehr Gl [...



From residential to business and commercial building projects,King Glass creates endless possibilities for all architectural glass needs.
By providing customized glass panels, reliable supply as well as research and experiment,King Glass spare no effort to achieve architect’s
design intentions and meet budgetary and engineering needs.

Knowledge and experience in business, abundant reliable manufacture resources and logistic networks have been established.
Identify most suitable manufacturer for specific product and/or project; access to full range of glass  types and colors.
Provide one-stop solution overseas architectural glass procurement.
Competitive cost for all range of product.
Prompt response, consistent and reliable service.